Colin, Sonia, Sam and Edna – 19/6/10

We have had a really great week, not long enough. Just managed to find our way around. The villa is superb and the weather similar. The back road to the coast is well worth remembering, if only for lack of sleeping policemen. Must echo the comments about the air conditioning system, which made our stay in the hot weather so comfortable.

Sean, Mary, Paddy and Courtney – 5/6/10

We have had a fantastic week. The accommodation is perfect, comfortable, spacious and just like home. Outdoor space gives balance of shade and perfect for sunbathing, as was the pool area which we virtually had to ourselves. Tried the recommended restaurants/beaches and enjoyed the lot. The Hotel Spa was a great way to finish our stay. Average temperatures all week, approx 35°C, thank goodness for air conditioning. All in all, a great week.